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I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I am going to take you guys through my favourite features of the Samsung Gear S2, so here it is! I have previously given you my opinion on how stylish and fashion friendly the wearable is but now let’s talk about some more essential things that will simplify your day to day life. There are several features and apps to measure your calorie intake, compare your water v/s caffeine intake or the fact that you can keep changing the watch face as and when you like but these 4 features that I’m mentioning below are definitely my most loved/used and hence, favourites!
 1) Health Push
I am someone who needs a little push and motivation almost every single day to go ahead and workout. It’s not that I don’t like to workout but the struggle to begin is constant. But the Gear S2 has kind of motivated me to stay consistent. I love how it times the workout so even if you have 30mins, it’ll track the time not let you sway. It also measures your heart rate while you’re on that long run! The app also records your data so that you can compare your performance and do better! In fact there is a feature that counts the number of steps you take in a day, making sure and motivating you to stay active and hence at the best of your health!
 2) The Look
I have mentioned this before but I don’t think I can stress enough on it. The all black, sleek look makes this classic Wearable a must have. The bezel adds a metallic touch to the dial is in fact the easiest way to navigate through the Gear S2. It also lets you change the strap if you’d like to, making it fashionable accessory that syncs in with the latest technology.
 3) Messages, Phones, Schedules
I am someone who is constantly on the go and the fact that I can read a message while I’m waiting at a signal or take a call when I’m in the middle of a shoot and can’t find my phone or even the fact that I can constantly keep on updating my schedule on the go, has made my life beyond simple! Not only has this reduced the amount of time I spend on my phone (hence saving its battery) but it’s also helped me prioritise and respond quicker.
 4) For Him & Her
Now this may sound like a bizarre point to mention but I absolutely love the fact that this wearable is stylish yet designed in a way that boontion but I absolutely love the fact that this wearable is stylish yet designed in a way that both men and women could enjoy it equally. Smaran has been using it every now and then it’s crazy but he loves using it as much as I do! So if you’re looking to gift your partner something, this is perfect because you can gift them one but then you can use it too! It’s a win win really.