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Dress- Chemistry, Necklaces- New Look & Accessorize, Shoes- Zara, Phone- Sony Xperia T3

Just like many of you, my life practically revolves around my phone. It’s not because I intend to use it as a shield to avoid having any social conversations but because my work needs me to constantly be connected. Be it checking & responding to emails, interacting on social media or even snapping pictures for my instagram, it’s all thanks to this one tool! So why not invest in a phone that is not only practical but stylish too? The new Sony Xperia T3 undoubtedly fits the bill.

It comes in three colours, White, Black & Purple but given my current obsession with white, my choice was pretty obvious. A pro of having a white phone is that it works wonderfully as a fashion accessory with any outfit. The simplicity of the design and it’s sleekness makes it fit comfortably in the small pocket of your day bag as well as your night clutch! I love it’s wide screen, which makes watching videos on YouTube or exploring Instagram profiles even more vivid & exciting.
On this day, I was just headed to a fun meeting and while we were waiting we decided to click some of these pictures. I wanted to flaunt the new phone so I decided to create a sleek outfit around it. It’s extremely important to put your best foot forward at meetings but I can never compromise on the comfort aspect. I dressed myself is this printed shift dress which I recently got from Chemistry. I loved the print on it which was very different from the usual shift dresses and the pastel colours played well with the phone. I decided to let the dress have it’s moment and taking a cue from the Xperia T3, stuck to minimalism. By adding two layered silver & turquoise necklaces in similar hues I attempted to subtly elevate the look. When you’re wearing a printed dress, make sure to add hints of solid colours through your accessories. So I chose a structured black bag to hold in all the essentials for the day, my monochrome zara sandals & my phone to appropriately finish the look. I love taking pictures when I visit fun places or if I like my outfit on a particular day and sharing it on Instagram! And the response always gives me the feeling that you guys like it too which makes me want to update as often as I can. For taking so many pictures, it essential to have a good phone camera! The Sony Xperia T3 has an 8 megapixel camera that never disappoints. But even a great picture needs so changes for Instagram.
Many of you often ask me how I edit my pictures for Instagram, so I decided to give a little low down on the apps I use. I use Whitagram when I want to publish the entire picture & am not willing to crop it according to that standard square! It super easy to use & if you just want to download one app, this should be it! The other one I love is PicFx. I downloaded it almost 2 years ago because back then this was the only app that had the feature to add light leaks & light bokeh to your pictures but in addition it has some other super cool filters too. The next one is Instacollage for when I can’t decided which one of the many selfies should be published! I also love making outfit post collages using this which lets me throw in a mix of close ups as well as wide shots. I also love Overgram & CrossProcess. If you do use any of these, don’t forget to tag me in Instagram!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Also if you’re looking at getting a stylish new phone which also works as a fashion accessory, do check out the new Sony Xperia T3 when you’re at the mall next!