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Sephora added another spanking new store to their kitty at the Infinity2 Mall here in Mumbai. Stocked to the brim, the sparkly new store is more than inviting. I’ve been a shopper at Sephora for over 10 years now, even before it came to India and when the first store opened in Delhi, I was there on the very first day to grab some essentials. Not only is Sephora a beauty lovers haven, it lets you browse through so many different brands and varieties of products before you decide what you’d like to spend your money on. However, it can some how become slightly overwhelming. So I decided to list down my top 10 picks that you should go and try at a Sephora near you!
1) MakeUp Forever HD Foundation
One of the best foundations I’ve ever used, not only does it make your skin look amazing in person but it also photographs like a dream. I’ve been using this foundation for 5 years now and this is the only foundation I use for all my blog shoots! It’s a matte finish foundation and is available in more than 15 shades to exactly match your skin tone. So if you’re in the market for a new foundation, this would be an ideal pick!
2) Cover Fx custom drops
Introduced to Sephora India a few months back, Cover FX is yet another amazing brand to try out if you’re looking for foolproof base products. I recently picked up the much hyped Custom Drops and I couldn’t be happier. The product as the name suggest is created in a way that you can mix as many shades to create your perfect shade or you could even mix it with your existing foundations. I got mine in a shade darker so that I could mix it with some of my older, lighter shades. The coverage is rather full which works for me but if you’re someone who enjoys a lighter coverage, you could mix the custom drops with your moisturizer to achieve that effect. All in all, a must try!
3) Sephora powder
Sephora’s own make up line is rather vast. From base products to bronzers to eye shadows to lip products, you name it, they have it! I am a huge fan of their primer, matte lip creams, eye shadow pencils but my favorite is their Matte perfecting compact powder! I have combination to oily skin and this powder works like a dream on my skin. I love using a BB cream and then lightly set it using this powder which lasts me all day!
4) Benefit Brow products
Very few brands at Sephora India has as many brow products as Benefit. They are all set to launch their brand new brow products range this month and it consists of over 10 brow products for all types of brows. After ignoring my brows for years, now I can’t step out of my house without checking if their in place. Whether it’s a sturdy brow pencil you’re looking for, a brow filling powder or a gel, you can find it all at the Benefit counter!
5) Sephora Beauty blender
I’m a huge fan of the Beauty Blender or other blending sponges and have replaced all my foundation brushed with several of these dome shaped wonders. Not only is it easier and quicker to blend your foundation, they are super easy to clean and maintain. Sephora has their own version of the Beauty Blender and it’s a rather good option. So if you’ve been living under the rock and haven’t tried one yet, I suggest you grab one on your next Sephora visit! Mind you though, they are often sold out.
6) Boscia Skincare
Let’s talk skincare now. I’ve been rather vary of my skincare for the past one year and have been ardently following the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Boscia is one brand that has worked wonder for me. Their spray toners and clay mask are my favourite!
7) Tom Ford Perfumes
I hunted so long to grab the Tom Ford Noir perfume and my search ended at Sephora! Not only Tom Ford but other exclusive perfume brands are easily available. They also have several offers and miniature sizes and sets that are exclusively only available at Sephora! So if you’re a perfume collector like myself or are looking for a gift for someone special, you will not be disappointed.
8) Stila Liquid Lipsticks
Liquid lipsticks took the world by a storm this last year and although it’s take a while for several brands to have their version enter the Indian market, Stila’s liquid lipsticks have been around since the start and are a wonderful product to spend your moolah on. They may have limited shades but if you find a shade you love, I would suggest you grab it immediately.
9) Sephora brushes and tools
Yet another feather in Sephora’s hat is their line of makeup brushes and tools. Some of the best brushes I own, if you’re looking to start off your brush collection, this is a good place to start. For me, an ideal start up kit would consist of an eye shadow blending brush, an eye liner brush, a contour brush, a fan brush and a fluffy powder brush! When you walk into the Sephora store, the brushes are neatly arranged by categories in a corner making it exceptionally easy for you to grab what you need! Not only the brushes, Sephora also carries make up removers, make up brush cleansing sprays, tweezers and other such additional aides.
10) Exclusive Launches & Other Brands
Sephora is home to some of the best make up brands like Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder and the likes and several of these beloved brands very often launch exclusive products with Sephora. So if you’re a ardent fan of make up and love grabbing limited edition products, Sephora is the place to be! Sephora also stocks exclusive brands like Soap & Glory, Burts Bees, etc. which cannot be found anywhere else in India.
They are also all set to bring Becca Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Tarte and other internationally loved make up brands to the Indian Sephora’s later this year! I am super excited to see the progress from here on and see the new launches! I hope this post helped you guys and the next time you visit a Sephora, you walk out with exactly what you were looking for.