Everyday we meet several people and each of them have a unique story behind them. Similarly, I believe each colour has it’s own meaning too. The hues of Blue as per psychology are often found to be synonymous with a feeling of calm, relaxation, dependability, communication  & creativity. So there’s no surprise that I love being surrounded by this happy hue that adds positivity to my entire vibe. The Vivo V7, of the V series has recently been my personal motivator for these busy days!

Most of us spend a lot of our time on our phones! Guilty!  But when you’re constantly on the go to attend meetings, rush for shoots or just to catch up with friends, your phone is definitely a saviour! Be it playing music while being stuck in that never ending traffic, or capturing moments and sharing them on social media, I need a phone that can not only do both and still have enough battery to last for me for an entire day! So when Vivo launched the Vivo V7 Blue and claimed to have an ever lasting battery too, I was hooked! The 5.7″ full view display screen and the 24 megapixel front camera with Face Beauty allows you to express in a larger than life way! The phone is also a win when it comes to taking those picture perfect selfies!

The Vivo V7 is bound to stand out in the crowd given it’s unique details. And if you weren’t already sold on this one, the phone also has a quad-core processor, 4GB ram power, 32GB ROM, 265 GB expandable storage, which means you never have to stop taking multiple shots or downloading your favourite apps! The new Face Access technology lets you unlock your phone with convenience. A long lasting 3000 may battery,  means that you can easily get through you busy day without carrying a power bank or charger. The front camera is clearly the winner but the back camera is not far behind! The 16MP rear camera, also comes with a flash bokeh mode which captures DSLR-like images.

For me personally, the camera, the sleek design, the long lasting battery, the storage, thel ight weight body & of course the vibrant hue, make this phone quite the eye catcher. It’s also priced at Rs,20,000, making it affordable with features that you may find phones that cost triple the price! Given our fast paced, immediate social media upload life, the features of this phone make it easier to get it all up in such little time! I’ve also tried the Matte Black version before but I have the say, the blue has it’s own charm and I can’t wait to take some amazing pictures with this phone! If you guys have tried this phone, do let me know what you think about it and which is your favourite feature?