Red dress-Styldrv for Spring Break, Chain Necklace- Zara, Bag- Michael Kors, Leopard Loafers– Clarks, White heart tee– Styldrv for Spring Break, Leopard print blazer– Styldrv for Spring Break, Jogger pants- H&M, Wedges- Mango,Cuff- Forever21, Yellow Dress, White blazer– Styldrv for Spring Break, Blue necklace- Colaba, Cuff- diy, Gold heels- Zara, Polka dots clutch- Aldo
And it’s that time of the year again accompanied by balloons, roses and mushy feelings. Now I’m not someone who is very high on these randomly made important days, but Valentine’s Day comes with gifts and sweet words which, I am a complete sucker for! You could be worried about a lot of things and you may have tons to plan for the day so I decided to help you a little with what you could wear, so that you can strike off that one thing on your to-do list!
I) The Lovestruck
We all at someone point in life go through this phase where all we can think of is that one person and the only sane choice of colour to wear on Valentine’s day is red! This flirty red lace dress is perfect for a romantic date with your special someone. Accessorize with simple pieces to let the dress have a moment of glory. I accessorized with a chain necklace and a spiked bracelet to add some edge to the look. I added leopard print loafers and a simple black bag to finish the look. Not only is this look super cute but it’s also comfortable enough to take your through the day.
II) The Fashionista
Now there are a few of us who will never give up on our wedges, jogger pants and bold prints for anyone! And if you’re one of them, this look is for you. I went for a simple monochrome base and added a bold leopard print blazer to complete the look. The heart print t-shirt is a perfect way to incorporate Valentine’s day without being too out there. Finish the look with some statement shoes, I went for these white wedges. Not only are they comfortable but super stylish too. For jewellery, I wore a statement cuff with simple rings.
III) The Trend Addict
Summer is coming closer day-by-day and for those of you who want to look stylish and trendy, this looks suits your needs. Yellow, white and blue are perfect spring/summer colours. This look is perfect for a fancy date or even for a party. A statement necklace and a matching statement cuff were my choice of jewellery for this look. Neon nails, minimalistic gold heels and a polka dot clutch added the perfect finishing touch.
I hope the video gave you a few idea’s for what you could wear on this romantic day! Have a lovely day and do send pictures on Facebook or TwitterΒ to share your outfit with me!