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Jewellery- TBZ: The Original, Dress- Missamore
TBZ : The Original, recently braced the city with the opening of their 29th store in India! One of the country’s foremost names in jewellery & luxury, they celebrated this new space which further enhances their profile as a jewellery retail chain, along with reinforcing their dedication to superior quality, design & service. They very kindly invited me to visit this new store which mainly focuses on bridal & exquisite, one of a kind pieces. The modern, luxurious ambiance of the store, does not overwhelm the age old values of understated elegance & refined taste. The minute you walk into the store you are surrounded by a touch of glamour blended with the feeling of a warm embrace. The collections they display are an amalgamation of innovative and stylish pieces comprising of broad cuffs, cocktail rings, chokers along with a selection of antique gold & temple jewellery, stocking something for everyone!
After a quick glance at the beautifully spread displays, I was instantly drawn to the fresh designs & the cocktail of precious gems set so intricately in gold. They had a versatile collection of rings going from your dainty ones to the inevitable cocktail rings but what I fancied most was these rings that covered an entire finger, adding a feminine yet opulent vibe. A statement in it’s own, these are bound to grab all the eyeballs! And just as I was dreaming of an ideal situation to flaunt these, I was jolted back by one of the salesperson who held in his tray, a stunning cuff that really was something I had never seen before. Designed to perfection & handcrafted, it was definitely a coveted item that every woman would love to add to their collection! And before I could convince myself to walk out of the store, I had to try on this magnificent diamond choker that was staring at me aimlessly. It sat just right on my neck, making even my casual dress look like a million bucks! If you’re looking at acquiring one of a kind pieces, you’re sure to find some treasures at this splendid new TBZ: The Original store in Bandra.