I was never into makeup products like I am now. It’s been almost 2 years since I first started collecting makeup and learnt about the techniques and tools to be used. It’s definitely something that intrigues me a lot and now I end up spending a lot of my money on it.
As I got more and more into it, I also figured out how certain brands are better with certain products or simple things like shelf lives of a product and how to spend less money on things like Mascara which can only last you a maximum of 3 months and more on products with a longer shelf life.
My all time favourite make up products would have to be a good concealer, a voluminousness mascara and a bright lipstick! These are 3 things that I cannot live without. I have collected quite a few lipsticks- some high end and some drug store, over the years. Here are my top 5 lipstick brands :-

1) Maybelline

They make such amazing products at such affordable prices. I love their lip products! I own a few of their  lipsticks and Pink Petal is by far my favourite shade from Maybelline. They cost somewhere around Rs.300 and smell amazing (if you care for that). The packaging is alright, not my favourite but it works out. All in all you get more than what you pay for and if you are a lipstick lover like me, you must try these!

2) Revlon

Revlon is such an amazing brand just generally. I love their mascaras, their nail polishes, their lip glosses and of course the lipsticks! They make some absolutely wonderful finishes in gorgeous colours. They range anywhere between Rs.400-600 and usually have a sleek black packaging. My favourite Revlon colours have to be Coral and Pink Pout. Both of them look gorgeous on a skin tone like mine and stay on for a good amount of time! So next time you’re at the mall don’t forget to check out the Revlon counter!
( I can’t wait for their Lip Butters to launch in India. I picked up two of them on my recent Holiday and I absolutely love them!)

3) MAC

Mac by far has the most amazing colour range as far as lipsticks go. They do about 5 finishes out of which Amplified and Creme sheen’s are my favourites! Everytime I go to a Mac store, I want to buy more lipsticks! It’s kind of a problem. But they are so amazing. Not only do they have a sleek packaging and delicious smell but they are also moisturizing and last on my lips for a decent amount of time. The darker colours tend to stay on better though. They are priced at Rs.990 unless they are from a limited edition collection. My favourites would have to Impassioned, Russian Red and Chatterbox. Do try them if you love wearing lipsticks and want to invest in some good one’s. Mac also has a back to mac policy, in which you can take back 6 empty product containers and get a Free lipstick in return! Bonus points!

4) Chanel

Chanel is one of my favourite cosmetic brands. Their products smell so good and every time I use Chanel products, it just makes me happier. Their lipsticks are not the best but they are pretty good. I am not a big fan of their finishes and colour palettes but every now and then I do find a shade I love. They cost around Rs.2000 and are definitely not something I indulge in all the time! Their lip glosses are pretty awesome too. Pluses, they are super moisturizing, smell SO good and I love the packaging. Minuses, over priced.

5) Nyx/ Colorbar

Okay so these 2 brands rank the same for me! They are both amazing and cost the least out of all the brands I’ve mentioned above. I love the Nyx Matte lipsticks and their Soft Matte lip Creams! I had ordered so many from www.beautyjoint.com( btw, you can get a discount on this site if you use the code- STYLEDRIVE at checkout) last year and since then I have received a compliment every single time I’ve worn them in person or even in my outfit posts! Their packaging is pretty good but what I love the most is the colour pay off of their lipsticks! Another amazing thing is that their Matte lipsticks are not drying unlike most brands. Really good stuff!

As for Colorbar, I own 3 of their lipsticks and they are all so good! Not a big fan of their packaging but I love their wide range of colors and the fact that they are so affordable! My favourite shade would have to be Smokey Rose.

So these are my top 5 favourite lipstick/lip product brands! Which is your favourite lipstick brand? I love lipsticks and I enjoy trying new shades all the time, so do leave a comment below and tell me if know of a  shade that you think I should try!