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Unlike the common assumption, I am rather reckless with my hair. You all by now are rather aware of how often I tend to colour my hair & styling it every now and then is something that is inevitable in my routine. I may be blessed with good hair but really, when it comes to maintaining it, there are too many things I probably don’t do right. When I walked into the Kérastase Hair & Scalp Institute a few weeks ago & was asked to make a hair confession. On my way there, I had obviously thought of one confession that I was going to guiltily make. However, when I started going through their placards of confessions- I colour my hair too often, I straighten my hair without a heat protector, I comb my hair when wet, I only get a hair care treatment when I think my hair is in trouble & so on, I found myself knee deep in the unruly things that I’ve been putting my hair through & I couldn’t choose just one! I guess, we all tend to mistreat our hair & keep it devoid of the care that it really needs until of course we experience something extremely drastic! But as they say, there is a light at the end of every tunnel & the new Resistance Thérapiste range launched by Kérastase is here to rescue your hair from utmost damage.
The range is equipped with the power of a unique plant, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia which at Kérastase is referred to as the Resurrection plant and revives damaged hair, lending it hope of a second life! A vascular climbing part, that grows in the worlds most arid regions, the resurrection plant has the unique ability to come back to life by merely coming in contact with water even after under going a near death experience. Kérastase has attempted to replicate this miraculous process by adding key ingredients from this plant into their new range! I obviously wasn’t going to just blindly believe this, so I decided to try out one of their rituals using this Thérapiste range. I was asked to choose between 2 rituals & I chose The Keratherapy Ritual, which is an exclusive heat activated protocol, designed to compensate for loss of keratin & reconstruct hair fiber! I walked in with a sensitive scalp due to sun damage & hair fiber that had lost of shine & lustre due to chemical damage and 75 minutes later, I emerged with hair that felt alive and healthier! So if you’ve tried it all and still struggle with your hair, you certainly don’t have to just believe me. You can try out this experience yourself at various salons across India to see this miraculous change. Find the nearest salon here or here!