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T-shirt, Pinafore dress, Printed capeOnly, Shoes- Zara, Choker- Accessorize| Location- Mojos

I am pretty convinced that every girl goes through a phase where every time she looks in the mirror, she is staring at a part of her body & it’s staring right back at her! Now if it’s something you could genuinely work on then starting now would be the right step but for me it was just a mental block. For the longest time I used to curse my genes for passing on the big hips & an ample bottom to me. As a teenager I did everything to get to rid of it or so I thought. From running miles to never ending dances classes to playing tennis for hours to swimming endless laps, you name it, I did it but not much changed. I was not only annoyed because I had tried everything to fix it but also because I had started hating my body in a very unhealthy way. Was I big? My mother didn’t think so but I refused to let go.

When it came to clothes, I was obviously avoiding anything that accentuated my hips so skinny jeans, pinafore dresses, anything fitted was out of the picture. And it’s only after a couple of years of joining college and getting noticed for an ample bottom, not only by the opposite sex but also the females, that I began to embrace my natural shape. It may sound shallow to you but that’s what did the trick for me! I’m just glad that I could get over it and now I’m beyond comfortable with what I was born with! Getting over it meant I could start wearing clothes that I had avoided for years & that almost made dressing up a little more exciting.

Feeling a little nostalgic, I created this look around this forest green pinafore dress, which is an eye catcher not only because of the colour but also because of it’s 90’s vibe. I paired it a white tee with an inverted sequinned patched on it & a this open shirt dress to add a dose of print. To keep the look from being too feminine, I layered some choker necklaces & clunky shoes. I actually really like look & I hope you guys enjoyed it too! For those of you who can relate to my teenage self, the sooner you get over the more you’ll fall in love with yourself. Goodluck!