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Earrings- CaratLane, Dress- Aza, Shoes- Asos, Location- Light House Cafe
When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s easy to get comfortable and revolve within that zone. Not because, you don’t care anymore but because you just expect the other person to understand & hence, be lenient in all walks. Be it being late for that movie night, calling in food instead of putting in the effort to go on a date or even turning a blind eye towards things that are not done in accordance with each other! Although, there is nothing wrong in being understanding of each other’s situations and being accommodating, sometimes, one can definitely use some sparkle to spruce things up & bring back that spark! The new Showstoppers collection by CaratLane is all about feeling glamorous from within, instantly. This collection comprises of 20 delicate chandelier earrings set in 18k gold with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pearls and much more! The entire collection is not only perfect to spruce up your everyday outfits but is even ideal for those special occasions.
I decided to glam up my usual Date Night look with these gorgeous Alessandra Chandelier diamond and pearl earrings. I loved the design and adored the way they looked on me. It instantly gave me the feeling of being dressed in a super glamorous dress with my favorite nude pumps, all set to walk a red carpet when in fact, I was just headed to Light House Cafe in a simple outfit for my usual date night with Mr.Handsome. Sometimes, it’s crazy how much your mood and confidence is influenced on the inside, by what you are wearing on the outside and these earrings did exactly that by lifting my mood from within. You know that feeling, when you’re guilt ridden for spending a little something from your savings to buy yourself that one piece, which you know will change the way you feel but others fail to fathom, how something materialistic can make you a better person? Well, don’t worry because that’s only until they see you in it! So really, don’t be afraid to go ahead and treat yourself with that little sparkle that will not only change your mood and make you feel glamorous but will also make you fall in love with yourself, all over again!

(Images by Jaina Kumar)