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Outfit- Only’s Star Gazer Collection, Shoes- Charles & Keith, Bag- Saint¬†Laurent, Glasses & earrings- H&M

“We are all stars wrapped in skin- The light you are seeking, has always been within.”

Seldom do quotes send me into a thinking spiral so deep, it makes more sense than anything else ever has! Being caught up in the glitz and glamour of the outside life, we often forget what truly matters, our soul within. Enriching it is far more long lasting than only working on the outer surface. So read, watch, explore, do whatever it takes to reach that point of no return. Where you are happy from within, for yourself and for others, devoid of constant comparisons. Jealousy, is like counting the blessings of others instead of your own. Focus on yourself, for you is all you’ll ever have, to better, to love & to conquer.

I love watching documentaries in my free time. I’ve realised they touch me in a way that no fiction can. Yes, fiction tickles the imagination bone but real life struggles and conquers, open your eyes to the reality. I recently watched The story of Princess Diana on Netflix. It was mind boggling to see how a person so loving, so genuine, so confident, so hurt still had the will to do good for others. Behind this glamorous wardrobe & position, was just another woman, seeking love with open arms. And that made me realise, that sometimes, we tend to take the ones we love for granted. It’s true that you only realise their worth when you lose them but the question is, do you wait for that moment or do you start living in the moment?

As I’m writing this blog, I realise it’s all over the place but the only point I am trying to make is love does conquer it all. It may not seem enough at one point but in the end it’s all that matters. Anyone can be next to you in your happy moments but it’s the ones whose shoulders you rest on after a shitty day, that matters. So today, choose to spend more time with the ones you love, including yourself. Make time for that Zumba session, cook yourself a wholesome meal or just sit with a loved one and read to them from your favourite book!