We took some these images at our new place last week & I swear we were all set to leave for the location we had in mind but the setting sunlight mesmerized us into doing this. This gorgeous top & skirt from Veromoda glimmered just the right amount as the rays hit it, mimicking the crazy New Year’s Eve night

For those inquisitive minds who still do take the effort & interest in visiting a blog and reading the story behind the look, I’d create a Back to School look and also give you a little low down on what you should do to create that foolproof wardrobe!

It’s a no brainer to opt for white ensembles in summer but I have currently been obsessed with a combination of blues and whites. And being on the beach for the past 3 days has only intensified my admiration for these hues. So while shopping and browsing through stores to upgrade my summer wardrobe, I’ve been drawn to all things mimicking the gorgeous sea! Prints are a huge trend this summer and this ocean inspired maxi summed it all up.

This look for me represented everything Spring & Summer. The colours, the print and the location we found to match the vibe. I love layering but I find that a lot of people struggling to understand why and how one could tackle this fashion hack during the scorching summer months.

With a new season, comes new collections and the one that I’m currently most excited about is the Chloé collection

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