The past 5 years have been delightfully exciting for all the fashion lovers in India with the launch of some of the most coveted high street & beauty brands! It’s now time to finally welcome GAP to the Indian shores.

Everything gets easier; shopping, dressing up every morning and looking good! Because your closet will only have things that look good on you.

From Prada shoes to Michael Kors bags to J. Crew jewellery to Urban Decay and Victoria’s Secret beauty products, there is something for everyone.

Colours are said to have a great influence on your mood. Certain colours are bound to lift your spirits and make you happier. For me, I love all shades of blue and I love mixing it with other hues!

I cannot wait to take a quick break and be back refreshed, relaxed and inspired! This outfit pretty much explains my current state of mind. Flowy, colourful clothes have been my go-to recently.

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