Well not like we need a reason to indulge in some retail therapy every now and then, but here are 13 reasons why you may need to rush to your nearest ONLY store!

We took some these images at our new place last week & I swear we were all set to leave for the location we had in mind but the setting sunlight mesmerized us into doing this. This gorgeous top & skirt from Veromoda glimmered just the right amount as the rays hit it, mimicking the crazy New Year’s Eve night

Amidst the various couture weeks, my mind is bustling with so many ideas and visuals of intricate detailing which makes every look so very special. So for this week’s outfit, I wanted to focus on a design that reminded me of those gorgeous creatives yet something that could be worn on any regular day!

Only was running the Denimize the World campaign for the second half of April and I decided to put together a denim on denim look in collaboration with them! Denim on denim has been a much loved trend for several years now and for me, it never gets too old.

There’s always some amount of pressure to dress up for date nights and that only gets intensified when you’re required to put together a look for that globally acclaimed day of love! So, initially the blazer was really what my mind was set on but I wasn’t convinced with just pairing it up with my tightest skinny jeans so I jumped the gun and paired it with this metallic beauty. It’s a simple dress, in this gorgeous gold fabric.

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