There’s always some amount of pressure to dress up for date nights and that only gets intensified when you’re required to put together a look for that globally acclaimed day of love! So, initially the blazer was really what my mind was set on but I wasn’t convinced with just pairing it up with my tightest skinny jeans so I jumped the gun and paired it with this metallic beauty. It’s a simple dress, in this gorgeous gold fabric.

When CaratLane introduced me to their new BeeJewelled collection I was rather keen on seeing the pieces up close and inevitably comparing it’s resemblance to it’s inspiration! The collection includes dainty pieces in the form or rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces handcrafted in 18K Gold and punctuated perfectly with some sparkly diamonds.

This outfit gave me another chance of experimenting with something a bit more dramatic. I love the exaggerated dhoti pants accompanied by a simple yet alluring bustier top, a cape that can add drama to just about any situation & of course the dazzling jewellery to add that final streak of opulence.

I created this look to give you an idea on how you could use a super simple outfit and amp up the look with your gold jewellery.

When working on creating a look with this exquisite 22 karat gold jewellery from Azva, I decided to go the bridal way just to see how it unfolds.

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