With the influx of brands and online selling portals in India, the customer has suddenly become the king or so it seems! Well either way, a king needs that special array of variety and Amazon’s Prime Day is all set to make you feel like a king while you spend like a pauper! This is an annual practice on the Amazon global website but it’s the first time that it’s hitting the Indian shores.

Whoever invented the jumpsuit was a sheer genius. Minus the time when you need to empty your bladder, this piece is everything you need when you can’t decide what to wear or even when you’re all set to make a statement. Easy to grab, easy to style, and if you have a monotone one, be assured that not only is it always going to be flattering but these things never go out of fashion!

In the last blog post, I spoke about the tricks the I’ve used over the years to stop myself from spending aimlessly. Well, here’s another one that didn’t make it to that list! I’ve always been a sucker for a good deal because not only do I get to acquire that coveted item but getting a discount on it somehow makes it even more worthy!

Trousseau shopping may have forced me to visit every store in the city with the chance of finding some exclusivity, even if it’s hidden in one corner. I may have succeeded on a few occasions but most others have been an utter disappointment. But given that we are stepping into that quarter of the year which is full of festivities and weddings, I turned to the Amazon India Modern Festive Store to find some stylish pieces that would tick the conventional box without compromising on the contemporary one and help me put together my festive wardrobe while I lounge on my comfortable couch!