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This is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, weather wise & fashion wise. The parties get more jovial, the weather gets nippy and you can safely begin to layer your clothes! I recently visited the Bebe store to pick out an outfit for a friend’s sundown party. The outfit had to be versatile enough to not only work while the sun was out but to even fit the bill as dusk approached. I was on the lookout for a gorgeous maxi skirt to aid the situation at hand but surprisingly their dresses had all my attention. The store was full of fall friendly attire in variations of purple, white, black, green and red. I also spotted some shimmering and sparkly sequinned pieces in black and gold, which I am slyly eyeing for New Year’s Eve! 
While strolling through the store, I came across these stunning pleated floor length dresses in green, pink and orange with gold details around the shoulder. Just when I was struggling to pick between them, my sight fell on this dress, which appeared to be the clear winner. It was effortlessly apt for the occasion while satiating my need of wearing something pleated and the purple-based palette enhanced the sultry sensibility, complemented by white, pops of orange and yellow. Predominantly, the silhouette was what had me staring but the fact that the print resembled a watercolour painting, made the dress appear even dreamier. The black accents add such a contemporary dash, breaking up the print in the most perfect pattern. It also gave me the option of throwing on a cropped leather jacket or coat if it happened to get chiller through the evening.  
When you’re wearing a piece that speaks for itself, there is very little need to over accessorize. I added simple gold hoops and a beautiful bangle cuff which matched the hues perfectly. This simple purple sling bag, which can also be used as a clutch, is perfect to carry those minimal party essentials. Add a simple pair of strappy heels in black or gold and voila, you’re all set to watch the sunset in style.