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Shirt dress, skirt- Only, Sandals- Hill Road, Sunglasses & Necklace- Only, Stripped Vest- Only| Location- PDT

Stripes for me, are reminiscent of summer. The nautical vibe reminds me of just sailing away in the ocean as the glorious summer sun shines above your head, turning your skin two shades darker and your hair one shade lighter. There is absolutely nothing about this feeling that I would like to change. Which is exactly why I love donning some stripical pieces to mentally take me to the place I’d like to be at while making me look stylish as well. Besides being an easy print to pair and carry off, it some how also makes your outfit look a bit more put together, which for me is a big load off my shoulders. For this month’s Only look, I wanted to don stripes but the task at hand was to do it in a slightly unusual way. You can obviously go for a simple stripped tee or dress or skirt and call it a day but yours truly was determined to give this classic trend a spin.
I was pretty sure that I wanted to experiment with the stripes on stripes look but of course, without resembling a criminal. It can be a tricky situation in terms of whether you should match the colours, the size of the stripes or use contrast colours? This one image that has been doing the rounds for a few years now, definitely stayed in the back of mind and gave me that confidence to think this look through. To begin with, I chose my two key stripe pieces and then to break things up, I decided to throw on this shirt dress in a gorgeous khaki colour. You can use a shirt dress in so many different ways by either opening all the buttons up and using it like a light jacket or by open the buttons half way up and using it as one of the most trendy piece this season, the maxi top. I loved how the shirt dress, exposed the stripped skirt, helping me fluently achieve that stripes or stripes look. What do you guys think of this look?