Being your own boss has it’s own pros & cons. When on certain days, I can take the day off and do what I want, on other days I cannot even think of sitting still! On such hectic days I do need a pick me up every now and then to keep me going. Perfumes illustrate luxury in the most minuscule way. They make you feel pampered, confident and brand new with just one spritz! For me it’s an instant pick me up at any given point of the day. Unlike what most think, being a fashion blogger is not just about looking good; that is in fact just an added pressure, something we are constantly expected to be! But looking good is not just about your clothes, it has to come from within. Confidence & allure are elements that make an outfit look perfect!

When I have a hectic day ahead of me brimming with activities that require me to play different roles, I take aid from my perfumes to help me transform swiftly. Michael Kors’ new fragrance collection features three stunning scents: Sporty, Sexy & Glam which perfectly encompasses the multi-faceted qualities of a modern woman! Effortlessly capturing a mood, rather than a trend, the scents are at once timeless and evocative of urban women. The stunning, minimalistic bottles compliment the notion just as well.
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Perfume- Sporty Citrus by Michael Kors, Bag- Michael Kors, Jacket- Zara, Maxi- New Look, Cropped top- Forever21, Sunglasses- Zara

This first look is what I wore to an important client meeting. Now, early morning meetings are always hard to accomplish but I was determined to make it because I frankly couldn’t afford to mess this one up! My outfit was inspired by the Sporty Citrus scent by Michael Kors, which is a clean & bright perfume with dazzling bursts of citrus depicting an active, effortless everyday style! I started with a simple black maxi skirt and threw on a white cropped top. Now for a regular day, this would have been fine but because I was heading to a meeting, I decided to throw on this hot pink scuba moto jacket! I went for no jewellery except a pair of sunglasses and a structured tan bag. Stylish yet comfy, the outfit portrayed the easy going and fresh frame of mind that this unique scent put me in.

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 photo IMG_0350_zps5e77432d.jpg
 photo IMG_0330_zps3e7fc4e3.jpg
 photo IMG_0362_zps6d66c4af.jpg
 photo IMG_0415_zps6393ecd3.jpg
Perfume- Glam Jasmine by Michael Kors, Bag- Michael Kors, Skirt- Asos (similar),Shirt- Zara, Shoes- Asos, Necklace- Zara, Shot at- ISDI

Next, I was required to be present at an event which compelled me to put my fashion foot forward. For this, I chose Michael Kors’ Glam Jasmine fragrance which is a feminine scent with a bouquet of lush jasmine and creamy wood and is bound to turn heads! I went for an overtly feminine scarlet midi skirt which I then toned down with a stripped white and navy blouse knotted at the waist & this striking bag! For accessories, I stuck to a simple gold watch and a pearl choker. The white sunglasses elevated the feminine, retro feel I was going for! When I am heading for events, I make sure that my perfume is just right because you’re going to be hugging almost everyone you see and smelling good is vital! A tip, spray some perfume at the nape of your neck so that when someone embraces you, they are instantly encircled by your scent!

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 photo IMG_0474_zpsc249b192.jpg
 photo IMG_0418_zps74df5bd3.jpg
 photo IMG_0454_zps38be49f4.jpg photo IMG_0471_zps774f7664.jpg
 photo IMG_0446_zps201d23b6.jpg
Perfume- Sexy Amber by Michael Kors, Clutch- Michael Kors, Jumpsuit- River Island, Lace insert- Pull&Bear, Shoes- Zara, Cuffs- Aldo, Chokers- Asos, Shot at- ISDI

The last occasion I was headed to, was a dinner date with my beau. Most looked forward to, this required me to rest the fashion frenzy in my head and go for a clean, sexy outfit.  This look was inspired by the Sexy Amber scent from Michael Kors, which is a warm fragrance of amber and sandalwood layered with white flowers for a seductive effect. I already had hints of the Citrus and Jasmine lingering on me but the Amber scent complimented them so well, creating a more personalized aroma. This was a coincidence but don’t be afraid to layer your perfumes! Just make sure you layer complimentary notes or just combinations that work splendidly in unison.When I think of a date night look, black is my instant go to! This black jumpsuit with subtle lace details was an easy pick. I amped it up with a red lip, gold cuffs & added a snake print clutch to break the monotony of plains. I really just had a few minutes before he was here to pick me up, so I just took down that high pony tail and brushed my hair out to create easy, voluminous, loose curls! I threw in some essentials along with this tiny perfume bottle into my clutch and it all fit flawlessly.
I hope you’re eager to go in and give these stunning scents a quick sniff when you’re around a Michael Kors store next! Follow my Instagram account because there is something super exciting lined up for you! And do comment below and tell me whether your personal style is Sporty, Sexy or Glam! 
Also, thank you so much to Indian School of Design & Innovation to let us shoot some of these images in their spanking new indoor campus! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram