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Skirt- Forever21 (Similar style), Cropped Top- Topshop(Pax), Shoes- Zara, Earrings- Curio Cottage, Rings- Romwe

As a girl, there are various issues to examine constantly or shall I say you’re forced to look into them constantly? Body issues, hair issues, fashion issues, work issues and then of course there are those consistent family, friends and boyfriend issues. And in between all this, if you’re slightly visible on the internet front, it gets worse. People judge you as if they were born to do that. Suggestions are always welcome but not in a ‘oh this didn’t help, so why did you do this post?’ kinda way. I mean obviously you are unaware of the efforts that go into doing a post and all that. But then again, I guess it’s all a part and parcel of the life you choose. So the real challenge is to stay true to yourself in between all this chaos and smile. 

Be it your personality or your style, for me there’s got to be some stability or else it’s just a mere portrayal of something you’d rather be. Change is good sometimes though, no really. As individuals we change throughout our lives but those changes are a cause and effect of the experiences we go through. It’s different to walk out of a movie and feel a little like the character from it while your drive back home and it’s completely different to constantly want to be like someone else. In today’s world of excessive indulgence through social media and constant display of things, it’s easy to get carried away. For example you may like a dress on someone you saw on Instagram and then spend the entire day hunting it down and when you’re finally there, you start thinking, wait would this even suit me? Exactly. Why didn’t you think that at Level 1?  Worse, if you start thinking about that once you’ve already bought the dress! 

As far as fashion goes, everyone would like to believe that there are no rules. But there are some rules that you really must follow. First, the awareness that certain things make you look your best and that some styles are just not meant for your body type. Trust me once you have this sorted, everything gets easier; shopping, dressing up every morning and looking good! Because your closet will only have things that look good on you instead of that hanger! Second, just because your favourite magazine/website insists that you “need” those pants, does not mean that you need them. It’s their job to bring new trends(sometimes repeated) to you but it’s upto you to fall into that pit or not. Trendy pieces are often nothing but a passing phase. So you don’t want to buy something unless you absolutely love it. And thirdly, experimenting. It’s perfectly normal to experiment with the new trends/colours for different seasons. But what’s important is not getting entirely carried away by them. For me, I’d always make sure that, if I’m trying a new trend there has to be one variable that is constant and the others can keep changing. For example if I am choosing to experiment with a dress in a trendy print I’d make sure that the cut of the dress is the kind that flatters me! So it’s really a win win then.

A lot of people might call this ‘safe dressing’. But for me looking good and feeling good at all times is much higher than blindly falling prey to this ever changing phenomena called fashion. Your individuality is what makes your style, don’t let it get lost in this realm of distractions.