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With new technology wowing us everyday & hoards of new products being launched, very few things actually intrigue my mind & I of course don’t consider myself a conventional gadget freak! Although, just like many of you, my life too revolves around technology; so when Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, I could barely wait to get my hands in it! Watches that would do more than just tell the time? Hell yeah, I’m all in for smart watches or wearables as they like to call it!

I got my hands on the classic style of the Gear S2 which has a well made leather strap, making it versatile enough for work and play. A fully circular wearable with a nifty rotating bezel, it was impressive from the first glance. I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks now and thought I’d share my two cents on so to say, the new gadget in my life.

The minute I took the Gear S2 out of the box, I could immediately tell how well made it was. The buttery soft leather strap, well weighing dial, was an instant hit! On turning the Gear S2 on, the great display is something that totally surprised me. The rotating bezel which is for easy navigation was something that I had never tried before! It really does make naviagting through various apps and features a child’s play and I quickly adapted to this quirky feature!

This brings me to the display touch, where I only have good things to say about how responsive and smooth the circular display is! An intuitive interface and a high rating on the dust proof and water proof front, this smart wearable has left me beyond intrigued and I can’t wait to continue using it and styling it with so many different outfits and looks. If you’re interested in seeing all the looks I pair with my Gear S2 and also take a peek at my favourite apps and features, keep an eye out because those blogs are coming up very soon!