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Dress & Cape- Only, Shoes- Asos, Choker- Aetee| Loction- Meuble India

The past couple of weeks have been a constant struggle between “If it’s meant to be, it will be” & “If you want it, go get it”. I’ve always been a believer of the latter half but as time passes by, I’ve come around to making peace with the former too. There is not an ounce of doubt in the fact that, hard work coupled with positive vibes make for a steady cocktail for success or even that much craved sanity. However, recently I’ve found myself mentally stranded for days, even after downing several of those cocktails. I’m definitely not someone who believes in beating themselves up for every little incident and I would rather find the good even in the worse situations. So what does one do when you’re feeling lost and uninspired & no amount retail therapy, spa visits, love notes & scrumptious food can lift your spirit, you just wait it out and let this phase pass.

I’ve often stated that my style is a derivative of my mood & this outfit depicts my current frame of mind rather aptly. The soft hues represent the calmness that you may see in my demeanor and on the surface but that bold pout constitutes of the chaos that I can barely wait to let out! I absolutely loved how this crochet & lace cape paired with this flowy peach dress creating a subtle yet striking difference. The key hole detail in the dress was further accentuated with an opulent choker. I wanted to add a dose of colour so I went ahead and added a pair of old asos pumps to match that burgundy pout. Where and when would I wear this look? For a date night or even for a day full of errands & meetings, with a pair of flats and maybe slightly a muted pout.