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Straightener- Philips, Top- Forever21, Skirt- Stalkbuylove, Bag- Cherry Fig
I get very excited to try out new products because I then get the chance to share reviews and tell you whether or not, you should invest in it! As a blogger, it is only fair for me to be completely honest about my opinions and I only tend to review products that I really did enjoy using, the others unfortunately, fail to see the light of day. Today, I am reviewing a new straightener by Philips which is marketed as the Selfie straightener. Now of course, this was launched a couple of months ago, but I decided to put this to test before I review it, to see if this was actually worth adding an extra tool to your existing pile of hot tools. My hair once air dried is frizzy and with this straightener, it takes me 5-10 minutes to get them to look socially acceptable. You can obviously be more precise with each section if you like that poker straight look but for me I like my hair to look quite natural on a daily basis. Priced at a basic cost of Rs.1195, it is definitely a one of it’s kind product in the market. It ideal for people who tend to travel a lot or have just started experimenting with hot tools or for those of you who have their hair restricted to shorter lengths!

Easy to use just like most Philips products, this one too has a basic on-off switch and a red light that indicates that the tool is on. The idea behind marketing it as a Selfie straightener is that, given the age where we are constantly snapping away either for Instagram or Snapchat and are expected to look our best in every take, this tool attempts to make that possible. The straightener is so tiny, that it can be accommodated in your every day hand bag and you can literally fix your hair within minutes, anywhere, anytime. It’s super convenient and don’t misjudge it’s efficiency by it’s miniature stature because it works just as good as your regular straightener. Maybe not as quick, given it’s size, but definitely as good. The ceramic plates ensure ultra smooth gliding and gives you perfectly smooth, straight hair. Once turned on, it is ready to use within 60 seconds which makes it ideal for quick fixes.

So should you or should you not go and grab this immediately? If your lifestyle is anything similar to mine, where in I am struggling to make it, in and out of meetings while fighting the Mumbai humidity and then making my way to a shoot right after followed by an event, you’re going to absolutely cherish this miniature tool. No matter where I am, I don’t hesitate to make a quick run to the washroom and fix the mane within minutes. It’s super easy to travel with and I frankly haven’t reached for my normal straightener since I started using this. So I’d say, all in all it’s a good tool to add to your kit or throw in your office drawer and if you’re still in school or college and want to try out your skills with straightening, you could definitely get one of these. It may not be my favourite Philips tool but it’s definitely handy and does the job swiftly. If you do end up trying it, do let me know what you guys think about it!