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Being well groomed is something that we all strive to keep up with but not always is it as pleasant an experience as you’d assume. Crazy schedules can totally make you miss your much needed appointments, leaving you covering up with long dresses & longer sleeves! I have definitely been the waxing girl and may have resorted to shaving my legs in dire circumstances but that’s really it. I had never tried out an epilator before but the new Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator broke my epilator virginity. Priced at Rs.5,995 it comes with an additional attachment, a charger, a cleaning brush & plastic heads to ease the process. The epilator can be used wet and dry but personally I just prefer to use it in the shower. It’s an extremely easy to use product and to my surprise, I did not experience any excruciating pain either. It did leave my skin slightly red but that happens to me even post a waxing session and the redness was gone in a couple of hours. I also like the fact that it’s cordless and once you’ve charged it for 60 minutes at a go, you can conveniently use it anywhere! Unlike waxing, you do not have to wait until your hair growth has touched a certain milestone and you can easily get rid of the mess before it’s even visible to anyone else! In a gist, here are my thoughts and some tips-

– It’s easy to use, affordable & convenient to travel with.
– Can be used wet & dry so you don’t necessarily have to use this in your shower but because it’s waterproof you totally could use it in your shower!
– It leaves your skin soft for longer and unlike razing, the hair growth is removed from the root so it doesn’t sprout back up by day 3!
– It is cordless so you can charge it and use it anywhere. They recommend not using the epilator while it’s charging so make sure you charge it an hour before you need to use it.
– Also because it will leave you skin a little red, I recommend using it at least 6-8 hours before your grand entrance.
– It has 2 speed settings so you can adjust that depending on your comfort level.
– It can be used on your arms, legs and underarms. You can use the sensitive cap attachment when your using it on more sensitive areas.
– You can use the brush to clean the head between sessions. The epilator heads are also washable so its super easy to clean and maintain the hygiene.
– To get the quickest and best result, keep the epilator at a 90 degree angle to the surface of your skin while epilating.
– Do not use any bath or shower oils during the process of epilation. You can moisturize once you’re done.

All in all , I think this is such an essential for every girl! It’s a convenient at home hair removal system that will fit right into your busy schedules. If you end up giving this a go, do let me know what you think about it.