I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog but hey as you must have noticed, we were working on this new website & I am so excited to finally share it with you! We worked on everything from the lay out to the categories to the customisation from scratch & I’d like to Thank Miloni from 1989Co. & her team for the patience & attention to detail, they’ve given me & my website!

That was for the blog update, now for life updates. I can’t believe it’s going to be a year since Smaran & I got married and embarked on this sacred journey of our own. Being in constant company of each other, drinking wine every night because, hey! life’s a celebration, cooking delicious meals together, hosting friends & family is what our first few weeks were made up of! And then, came the rest- house help issues, manic schedules, being completely financially independent, just getting accustomed to our new home & routine, managing a home & a relationship! It may sound trivial to many but for me, I’d never lived away from my parents, let alone manage a house! So from learning to do the laundry to cooking three meals a day to buying groceries to managing work while doing all this, still working out & of course after all this, still making time for the only reason I was doing all this- us!

I won’t lie, there was a point when I was overwhelmed, I think we both were. Our relationship was familiar, yet new. And I think the only thing that got us through, was being there for each other & having each other’s constant support. Realising that no matter what, these things would all fall into place if we just give it time and not let it affect us. After being in a relationship for 9 years,  you’d think that you know each other better than anyone can! Wrong. Change that mindset. Take every situation as it comes, without judging or comparing. No matter how bad your day was, making sure that, you don’t take it out on each other. And most importantly, as cliched as it may sound, communicate! You have to talk to each other & stop expecting each other to be mind readers!

For me this year has by far been the best learning experience ever, where not only have I understood myself better but also Smaran & our relationship. And all I want to say to all you couples who are all set to start a new life of their own, be patient, be caring, be attentive & love like you’ve never before! Give your best in these first few months & years because trust me, your base has to be strong for you to layer years and years of happiness on it! 🙂

I’ve decided to do a monthly personal diary, where I’ll share with you a part of my life that gets hidden in all these edited images & colour corrected videos! Hope some of you can relate to it & maybe along the way I’ll be able to lend some of you that glimmer of hope & happiness.