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Dress- Veromoda, Earrings- Prerto, Bag- Chanel, Shoes- Koovs, Sunglasses- Miu Miu

I’ve been meaning to have this blog up since last week but my erratic schedule always gets the better of me. With multi-tasking several work projects and also attempting to look into the on going wedding preps, it’s certainly been a peek into what people may refer to as, adult life. I’ve lived with my parents my entire life and even though on my insistence, I did start paying for myself since a very young age, the pressure of having your own space & maintaining it without any major assistance is one thing that I am kind of not looking forward to. However, I am trying not to focus on the stressful stuff and divert my mind with the fact that I get to live on my own rules with the love of my life and I’m sure like many other things, I will eventually get around the other stuff too but it’s mind boggling how daunting these things can be and sometimes even be the cause of a riot in your head!

I just realized that this dress does kind of represents my current life situation. It’s a beautiful trap of multiple tasks that may look chaotic from away but as you get closer, it begins to get fascinating. The casual silhouette and the gorgeous hues is what had attracted me to this dress, right on the onset. Not to forget that I could imagine my new Chanel wallet on chain hanging across it in perfect symphony.Yes, I sometimes decide on certain outfits depending on how well my current favorite accessory would pair with it! Do you guys have such silent rules as well? Also, you guys can now grab this dress on a discounted price because Veromoda is running an upto 50% off sale! And if you bump into at any of chaotic sales, don’t hesitate to say hi!