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Jeans- Mango, Top- Missamore, Necklace- New Look, Bag- DVF, Shoes- River Island

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 photo SD-0471_zps2cbraw2j.jpg
 photo SD-0482_zpsk2ccf11n.jpg
Shorts- Zara, Top- Missamore, Oxfords- Vaph, Sunglasses- Only, Watch- Daniel Wellington

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 photo SD-0415_zpsw7jwwc9i.jpg photo SD-0416_zpshvouo2mw.jpg photo SD-0322_zpsof37x2oc.jpg
Jeans- Mango, Top- Missamore, Jacket- St.Frock, Sunglasses- Only, Shoes- VAPH, Bag- DVF

I am not the kind of person who believes in planning. Ironically, my planner & my daily to-do lists are kind of my favourite things but I’ve realized that, that’s it. I don’t mind planning a day or two ahead but I’m not the kinds who could answer the “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” questions. It used to bother me initially, seeing all these people around me, racing against time at the speed of light, as if , they could actually defeat it. See but that’s the thing with time, it needs no break, no pause to think, no magic to create, it just passes, a man-made guard that ruins the very existence of creativity. Creativity takes time, it takes that slow pace so that you can nurture your thoughts and then recreate them in their best form. This is probably why I’ve given up on the planning. I love doing what I do and being able to do it at my own pace, is really what I consider success. So take your time. It’s a modern-day misconception that if you’re not doing something everyday, you’re the odd one out , but really, in this monotonous world, diseased with a herd mentality, you’d rather be the odd one.