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Bag- Confidential Couture,Phone- Sony Xperia T3, Dress & Blazer- Zara, Shoes- Steve Madden, Sunglasses- RayBan, Watch- MarcJacobs, Rings & Choker- Forever21
I turned 24 yesterday & every year as I get closer to the day, I tend to look back at the past year & quantify my achievements as well as improvements; as a person, as a friend, as a girlfriend, as a daughter & as a blogger. And somehow I find myself astonished at the fact that despite achieving more than I could have ever imagined, I hardly seem to satisfy my desire for more. It could be a characteristic of the modern age adult & our constant need for novelty but I’d like to believe it’s just because I would like to soar higher.
We all tend to sometimes measure our success with materialistic things. It may not always be the right route to take but sometimes, it showcases your prowess like no other. My obsession with designer handbags has been an affair that only keeps growing. Every now & then, I let myself splurge on that one handbag that I have been secretly stalking & not so secretly flooding my Pinterest with! But when it comes to buying them, I am very technical about it. I will make sure that I am getting the best deal possible & because it’s already such an expense, I want to make sure I am not shedding even a single extra penny than needed! Which is why when I came across Confidential Couture, I was more than thrilled. For someone like me who has an obsession with handbags and doesn’t mind adding to her collection every now & then, this seemed rather perfect. When I first looked at the website, some of the handbags & their corresponding prices looked too good to be true. So I contacted the owners and they very pleasantly informed me that this is a worry they often face & hence they send over the handbags, on the request of the customer for them to examine the piece as meticulously as they’d want before one decide to purchase it!

I requested them to send this Louis Vuitton Alma to me which reached me in less than a week. Packaged perfectly, the bag came with it’s original dust bag, guarantee card & was in almost perfect condition! Now the thing is, at Confidential Couture, they sell brand new as well as gently used bags. When taking pieces from sellers, they go through a tedious process of authenticating it by an expert, checking the condition of the bag & hence placing an appropriate price tag on it. So if you’ve been eyeing that gorgeous Chanel or Dior bag and are still not convinced to shell out the entire cost, this is your ideal option! You are assured of authentication and your identity is completely protected. You could even contact them if you’re keen on selling that handbag you got on impulse in the Sale but never actually ended up using it! They will assist you with the process and contact you when they have a buyer for you bag. It’s a win win really.

Now let’s talk about my outfit. I have been loving white since a few months. If you’ve been following my blog from the start you know that I am very partial to Black and hence my fancy for everything white has been rather pleasantly appalling! Including my brand new phone which comes in three colours but my choice was pretty obvious!I love white & gold together so I have been accessorizing with gold jewellery and my gold watch which has been quite an eye catchy combination! I stuck to a monochrome theme. This printed dress that I snagged at the Zara sale paired perfectly with my over sized white blazer. The print & the knotted detailing on the dress is what I caught my immediate attention. I can totally picture myself wearing this dress without the blazer for a stroll at a beach! I paired it with my old yet trusted pair of Steve Maddens & the classic RayBan aviators. You really can’t go wrong by adding a bit of red to any monochrome outfit which why the Louis Vuitton Alma worked splendidly! I hope you guys enjoyed the blog post. Tell me which handbag you guys are eyeing at the moment in the comments below! Hope you all have a wonderful September.