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Top- Veromoda, Jacket & Slip dress- Veromoda, Stockings- Forever21, Shoes- Koi Footwear| Location- Amanzi

Currently the fashion world or rather the Instagram world seems to be going through a phase where there is something for everyone. No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find your style soulmate and no doubt love every outfit she adorns. But every season there are a few trends that #trend on Instagram and currently I feel like these are the top 5! For the fun of it & to of course in an attempt to create “different” content, I layered all those 5 trends in this look.

1) Ruffles & Big Sleeves
You’ve probably been watching all your favourite bloggers, national & international rocking this much loved trend. I honestly have seen more people than I can usually stand donning this trend but I still can’t seem to get enough of it! This top from Veromoda has not only got those big, eye catchy sleeves but it also comes in the much loved colour of the moment, pink. Win win I say.

2) Slip dresses
The fashion world had a moment with this trend not so long ago but this season, it’s back & in daring fabrics. So if you thought you could get away with your body con, non-shiny slip dress, think again. It’s all about this dress in fabrics like velvet, satin and shiny versions of polyester. The shinier, the better. Also, don’t be afraid to go a size up. Oversized dressing is yet another trend to watch out for!

3) Net Worth
Fish net stockings are having a moment on Instagram and I couldn’t stop myself from giving it my own spin. Pair it with ripped jeans or a skirt or dress or even a peek at the ankles is all you need to be the good girl gone trendy. 

4) Metallic
This is one trend that has been carried over from last season and how! It’s all about those metallic moto jackets, culottes, dresses or even nails! The best way to rock one of these is by pairing it with more casual pieces. So say, pair a muted gold moto jacket with a pair of ripped jeans (and maybe the fish net stocking under it) along with a simple white top. Or simpler, get those chrome nails on!

5) Tress free
Post the wedding, I got 5 inches taken off my mane because I was kind of done with the long hair look (only to crave it 3 days later). But I’ve been loving the laid back vibe when it comes to tresses. I’ve noticed most people giving their irons and curlers a skip and rather going for simple blow outs & lots of sea salt sprays to get that volume and texture going. So honestly, this is probably the best time to rock your bed head and get away with it.