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Top- Forever21, Suede Skirt- Asos, On my lips- Mac Ririwoo lipstick, Necklace- Colaba, Myntra App

On a lazy day or pretty much every other night, I am on my phone stalking and admiring the gorgeous outfits worn by my favourite celebrities and wishing for some magical prowess to straightaway get them to me! Be it at events, vacation photo diaries or just a casual day in, some of them are dressed impeccably every single time! Not just that, I sometimes am completely awestruck by the ensembles worn by some gorgeous women in the past. Audrey Hepburn’s style is something I am so inspired by and she is probably the reason for my extreme love for feminine pieces. Lately, I have been crushing on every look Kendall Jenner wears! Be it her silver jewellery heavy Coachella looks, her dreamy Cannes ensembles or even her off duty style, it’s all utterly eye grabbing. I won’t lie, there are fleeting thoughts of owning every piece or just a desire to recreate an outfit she wore almost every time I look at a new image of hers. Now let’s be real, her body and her styling team is not something I can compete with or even the flare that Audrey Hepburn exhibited, which makes me sometimes wish for some magical powers to instantly get my style fix and transform myself into the ones I admire. How cool would it be if you could promptly get an outfit similar to your favourite celebrity or the one you just starred at for hours on Pinterest with just a few clicks? I recently downloaded the Myntra app when I found out that it will only exist as an app from now on and found it super fun to use! I don’t generally use that many apps but this one was extremely easy to use. I was able to find so many things similar to the outfits I was wanting to ape at 1/3rd the price! They had everything from apparel, to accessories to make up covered! I sometimes wonder, if Audrey Hepburn had an access to the app would her style be different or would that classic black dress be replaced with something else? Guess we’ll never know, but until then keep using your modern day magic tool to get exactly what you desire and look your whimsical best.

Images by Jaina Kumar