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I am quite experimental when it comes to my hair. I may not snip it off dramatically but I do love colouring my hair and trying out different styles on a regular basis. Now that may create hair envy in many but it can be rather excruciating on the mane. I also tend to use hot tools like curlers and straighteners to style my hair and then of course the hair spray, the shine spray follow. Not only does this damage my hair but it creates product build up which causes damage from the roots. That is exactly why it is essential to use a shampoo and conditioner that not only makes my hair healthier and shinier but also cleanses them to the T. I love trying out different and new products to see how my hair reacts to them and recently I’ve been using the new best ever Pantene duo. The smell of the product brings back really old memories because Pantene was probably the first ever shampoo I demanded to use as a teenager. Not only that, I noticed that from the very first wash, my hair was less frizzy, looked shinier and felt stronger from within.

A lot of brands claim a lot of things but I personally like to experience it myself and form my opinion on it, so I have been using this set for a month now and am only reviewing these once I’ve emptied the bottles, smiling with satisfaction! Pantene claims that this new formulation is aimed at not only fixing the external damage but also asserting the problem from deep within and I totally see what they are talking about. My hair has been falling less and I think that has a lot to do with them tangling lesser as they are smoother and stronger from the roots. Many of you ask me about what shampoo and conditioner to use for the different hair care problems? I would suggest use a problem specific shampoo 2 days a week and switch to the new Pantene shampoo and conditioner for the other 2 washes. Just grab the bottles from your local chemist and give this a go. Priced at a very minimal cost, this is bound to make a huge difference in your hair. Do let me know what you think of the #BestEverPantene on Twitter or Instagram!