All jewellery- IVA by Tanishq, White cropped top- Forever21, Maxi Skirt- Zara, Pink dress- Stalkbuylove, White blazer- Zara, Denim jacket & Black jumpsuit- Topshop
Tanishq recently launched their IVA 2 collection! The pieces are very different from what you would normally see at Tanishq. The designs are very modern, intriguing and versatile. The collection is a good mix of dainty and statement pieces which can be easily layered together. Layering jewellery is one of my favourite ways to upgrade everyday looks. If you follow me on Instagram, you see me layer necklaces, rings and bracelets on a regular basis! So today, we’re showing you how you could layer jewellery like a pro by just  keeping a few simple rules in mind.
When layering necklaces, make sure to mix different lengths. Start by placing the shortest necklace and then build your way through the rest. Play with complimentary colours for a fresh look. For a modern approach, don’t be afraid to mix different metals!
Rings is the easiest way to start if you’re still new to the layering concept. While working with rings, make sure to mix small and statement rings. Also, work with the positioning of the rings. Midi rings is a trend that I am still in love with. Choose a similar colour scheme and layer your favourite rings!
The key here is to mix dainty and chunky pieces. In the video, I choose two chunky bracelets and two dainty pieces. You could even layer these with your favourite watch. Again, don’t refrain from mixing different metals and colours!
So go ahead and give this layering trend a go! While you’re doing so, style yourself in a look that you think would compliment the jewellery from the IVA collection and share it on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag Styledrive & Tanishq so that we can see your entries. If we like your look you could be the winner of this fun contest!