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Shirt- Veromoda, Dress- Veromoda, Shoes- VAPH shoes, Sunglasses- Stylefiesta, Bag- Pinwheel, Watch- GUESS
Fitting in is a task that we’re always working at, knowingly or unknowingly. Be it in those old jeans, the moody world of the internet or the callous society. Very rarely do we realize that none of that actually matters when you look at the larger picture. You’d rather be standing out and be beaten for it than merge in the crowd of beaters. It’s been a while since I met someone who is confident about the right things. Not the looks, not the money, not the power but the humility, the honesty and the passion. These days, it almost seems like people are born with the birth right of bragging too. I guess it’s okay to do that too but to derive your happiness from all this is really quite appalling. Deriving happiness from social media stunts is like calories from sugar, they burn out faster and leave you feeling hungry sooner! For example, yesterday was Mother’s Day & I mean I love my mom but do I really have to social media the f*** out of it? I actually know people who wrote huge rants on social media but didn’t even call their mothers to express their dire affection. So who are we really trying to please and what are we really evolving into? Sit back, take a moment and reflect, maybe that’ll help you fit into your own mold.
Fashion is probably the easiest way to convey that you’re not the kind to fit in. Superficial as it is, it’s rather effective. I love trying out different looks and styles because they indirectly give me the confidence to try new things in life. The print on print trend has been around since the existence of mankind probably but I rarely let it surround me. Not because I’m against it but because I always find it difficult to put such an outfit together without making it look like I didn’t try! However, I’ve now come across a few tips that actually help you get on with this faster and effectively. First, pick not more than two to three different prints but make sure that they have one prominent common colour running through them. That way no matter how different the prints are, your outfit will still sing in unison. Second, size matters. Pick a smaller print and clash it against a larger, more out there pattern. This will not only balance the look out but also create that laid back illusion. Lastly, if you’re just starting out, begin with monochrome prints. They are easier to work with and are oblivious to trends or seasons. Once you get a hang of it, rotate your colour wheel and take up the challenge!
For this outfit, I first started out with this striking floral print dress from VeroModa which is probably the perfect summer dress to own. I then layered it with a boyfriend style stripped shirt with this gorgeous blue hue running through it. You can turn any shirt into a casual cropped one by buttoning it up half way and then using the remaining fabric to tie a knot. I’ve worn stripes and floral prints together before but never in these hues. There was just something about this look that seemed to please me. This look also seemed to convince me that a print on print look can be easily worn through a causal day if you style it right. Some simple tan oxfords, a bright red bucket bag and sunglasses is all I needed to complete the look. What do you guys think of this look and have you tried this trend yet?

(Images by Jaina Kumar)