Jumper- Zara, Lipstick- Nyx Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink 

I know this is a little early considering spring is not even close but I have been obsessed with wearing bright/neon colors so I just thought this could help you. Here’s what you need to do :-
Step 1 : – Use any lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin. The one I am using is from Lush in Bubblegum. If you don’t own any lip scrub, don’t fret. Just mix some olive oil or baby oil with sugar and lightly rub it on your lips. It will give you the same result.
Step 2 : – Apply your favourite lip balm or lip conditioner to moisturize and prep your lips for the lipstick. The lipstick that I am going to use can be drying specially during winters. So i’d suggest you apply a considerate amount.
Step 3 : – Now outline your lips with a concealer. Make sure to blend it well around the lip area making sure you leave no lines or patches. All the attention is going to be on your lips so you can’t leave the surrounding area unattended. And this will also brighten up the area making it look flawless.
Step 4 : – Take your favourite neon/bright lipstick and apply it carefully on to your lips. The lipstick I am using is a Nyx Matte lipstick in the shade Shocking Pink. I have now become confident enough to apply it directly from the tube but if you don’t have a steady hand yet, I’d recommend you use a lip brush to get that perfection. Make sure to cover the side area of your lips. I personally would leave them matte but if you’re a gloss girl go ahead and dab some.
And now? Get out and rock it! Beware of the stares! I hope this helped you all. Have a happy and bright day.