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For me, the best fashion is the kind that marries comfort & effortless style! Culottes may not seem enticing at first given the sometimes, awkward length and Indian body types but I swear there are some hacks that can make them your summer/monsoon essentials. I even think that they make a great travel staple and I wore so many throughout  my Spain trip! They are comfy and verstaile which is exactly why they have currently replaced my stack of denim and trousers! Try a monotone pair to ease into this trend in case you’re too scared of the prints. For me though, printed culottes are a favourite. Stripes, floral prints, tribal inspired prints, I’ve got one of each! So here are the 7 ways in which I find styling culottes the most flattering and easy!
1) With a Fitted White Tee
A complete no brainer yet something that gets ignored for being too simple is a white tee! A well fitted white tee or shirt tucked into the rather shapeless culottes can help balance the silhouette with ease. It will accentuate your waist and you can even pair it with any printed culottes! Pair it with statement sunglasses and earrings to add more polish. photo styldrv_3829_zpswh95pizi.jpg
2) With an Outerwear piece
I love this trick because it instantly makes this casual style of pants appear more put together or formal. A well fitted Blazer, a crochet shrug or even a sleeveless vest, any of these would work and will take you from plain jane to yes ma’am!  photo styldrv_6435_zpszqfqqbkb.jpg
3) With a Peplum style top
Now this is something I recently tried out & I think it worked rather splendidly. Wearing a peplum style top could work for all body types too! If you’re on the skinny side, it can help add some curves and if you’re already blessed with curves, adding a belt can help you accentuate that further. Don’t be afraid of mixing prints and colours! photo styldrv_7856_zpsniz8tiqj.jpg
4) With a Slogan Tee
A simple pair of black culottes is a good place to start. I sometimes go one size up from my usual size because I like mine to flow more and fit less. Recently my go to look has been a pair of black culottes with comfy slogan tee’s. Simple, chic and effortless, this look is easy to throw on and also let’s me amp up the accessories! photo styldrv_7137_zpsmgdgpbaa.jpg
5) With a Shirt
This is yet another easy peasy trick! Pairing a culotte with a shirt can go quite wrong if you don’t use a belt or pair it with a super well fitted shirt. For me, I like pair it with shirts that fit better that my waist and flow out at my hips. If I’m going to use a regular shirt, I just add a was it belt. You could even open the bottom three buttons of your shirt and tie it up into a knot! photo styldrv_3601_zpsqqw1afrx.jpg
6) With a Cropped top
Last minute dinner or drinks plan? Cropped tops and culottes for the win! Culottes are high waisted making it easier to pair it with cropped tops. Cropped tops also add that sexiness that this otherwise boxy bottom wear lacks! photo styldrv_7945_zpszk4ysh9f.jpg
7) With an Off shoulder top
Off shoulder tops and cold shoulder tops are here to stay so why not pair these two fun trends together. The key to rock this look without a glitch is choosing either cropped versions or neatly tucking the lose end of the top into your culottes. I love this look because it makes me feel like I’m on a holiday. Just something about off shoulders and flowy things! photo styldrv_1165_zpsf1rruyev.jpg

So don’t be afraid and try on one of these looks today! Also comment below and tell me which one these looks is your favourite.