Shirt- H&M, Red Ring- Styldrv, Spiral Ring- Aldo, On my nails- Orange Mimosa by Colorbar

Having your hair in a braid is perfect for spring/summer. So why not add a little twist to the old, conventional braid? It’s easy and you’ll have people pondering over it. Here’s how you get it :-

Step 1– Comb your hair out with a brush or a wide tooth comb to make sure that your hair is free of knots and tangles. You could try this hairstyle with freshly washed & dried hair or even with second day hair.Step 2– Β Divide your hair into three sections like you would for a normal braid. However, for this one make sure that the middle section is thicker than the other 2 sections, which should be sectioned approximately equally.

Step 3– Now leave the side sections and braid the middle section like you would in a normal braid.

Step 4– Secure this braid with a hair elastic similar to your hair colour so that it merges into you hair.

Step 5– Now braid your hair with all the three sections like you would while making a normal braid.

Step 6– Secure this with a hair elastic too.

Step 7– Now just to add some more fun, I used a spiral ring to cover up the hair elastic. This will make sure your braid grabs all the eyeballs it possibly could. This step is obviously optional but I suggest you try it. You could use any fancy ring you already own.

So here we are with a messy, old yet new summer braid. It’ll look a bit more textured than a normal braid and people will assume that you have actually put in some time in doing you hair! You can loosen it a bit if you want to make it look even more messy. You could even go one step further and tie your braid up in a side bun. Hope you guys will try this out.