Shirt(old)- Pull & Bear, Spikes- Something Special(Bandra)
I have been loving anything  and everything with studs or spikes on it. But I don’t wish to spend all my money on these trendy pieces. So, while I splurged on a few items, I had to find a cheaper alternative to deal with this obsession and hence this do-it-yourself  idea! Follow these simple steps and you can stud anything from your t-shirts to your shorts to the pockets on your jeans. So let’s get started!

What you need :-

– A shirt or any basic piece
– Spikes (whatever size you want)
– A needle
– Matching thread
– Some sewing skills


1) Once you’ve selected the piece you want to add spikes to, select a thread in a matching colour and thread your needle.

2) I wanted to add the spikes to the pocket of my shirt. I decided to add three lines of spikes and marked the spots with a marker so that it’s easier once I start sewing them on.

3) Once done with the first line, I followed the marked spots and continued with the other two. When you’re done, don’t forget to knot the loose end of the thread.

And that’s it. That’s how easy this is. I am in love with my new shirt and have been flaunting it around since the day it was done. So this weekend, grab a cup of your favourite coffee and take on this easy task!