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Top & Skirt- Veromoda, Light Box- ALittleLovelyCompany

Where do I even begin? This year has been the best learning experience I could ask for. To cherish whats yours instead of seeking whats not; To live in the moment instead of trying to capture it alone; To not be afraid of sticking to your own even when the entire world is swaying the other way; To never take your loved ones for granted; it’s been a crazy set of 366 days! This year, a lot of my time and energy was divided between the two loves of my life (work & Him) and striking that balance on some days seemed almost impossible yet on others, sounded like a sweet symphony. And in all this chaos, although the good moments won over the not so good ones, the latter made me cherish the former a hell lot more.
Getting married was definitely the highlight of this year. Not only because it is a milestone in this story called life but because I was all set to start a new journey in more ways than one. You know I sometimes feel like we misuse the word ‘Independence’ a lot. I’ve heard every other person talking about how she is a ‘Girl Boss’ or how he is ‘Independent’ just because she/he may have started making their own moolah. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t guilty of doing the same in the past but this past month has taught me the true meaning of being ‘Independent’. Having lived with my doting parents & brother for the past 26 years, I suppose I did sometimes over look the comfort & love I was showered with. But it’s only when you start taking account of the groceries you need to buy, the laundry you need to deal with, the meal you need to cook next or start to pay every single bill do you you realize what the tag of being Independent actually comes with. And please don’t mistake this for a complaint because as hectic as it may sound, I love doing every bit of it with someone I love so dearly, constantly by my side, playing the perfect partner in crime! I’m just trying to throw some light on why context is so important.
Anyways enough of my chatter. We took some these images at our new place last week & I swear we were all set to leave for the location we had in mind but the setting sunlight mesmerized us into doing this. This gorgeous top & skirt from Veromoda glimmered just the right amount as the rays hit it, mimicking the crazy New Year’s Eve night you may have planned! I hope you guys have an amazing year ahead not just in your field of work or personal life but spiritually & mentally! May you shine brighter than the sun & may we be blessed with the next big thing because I’m starting to get done with Instagram. Just joking. Lastly, as cheesy as it may sound, I just want to Thank each and everyone one of you for being such gracious people and for accepting the changes in me & my life as your own and supporting me even when there is a new Fashion Blogger on Instagram everyday. Can you tell I’m genuinely done with Instagram? Joking again. Have a lovely evening & fun filled year. Lots of love.
Shot by my lovely Jaina Kumar