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Skirt, top, shoes- Veromoda’s New Collection

I honestly can’t remember what my life was before the overwhelming take over by social media. Yes, I am aware I owe my current profession to this entity and yet I don’t feel that same gratitude that I did maybe a year or two ago. I don’t know if it’s because of the clutter it’s become or because of the constant feed of unnecessary information. Information that one can live with out sharing & I certainly can live without knowing. Not so long ago, I caught myself rummaging through thoughts and things around me to create “content”. It could be anything. Food I eat, clothes I bought, my wedding lehengas, my dog, a dog, just anything that I thought would grasp mass attention. And yet despite the likes and comments, there was this void inside me, because before I could even fathom the love on my previous update, I was already looking for my next one. It took me a while to even accept that I was indeed, falling into this pattern. I’m sure several are still in denial and will continue to pass it off under the pretext of being “better influencers”. Yeah that’s the term we fall under now, Influencers. So I’ve started making a conscious effort to do things the way I want and not just for others to watch. Update my profile with what I want and not just because something might get me more likes. And most importantly, stop this cycle of constantly seeking. Stop looking for fries while I’m still sipping on a delicious milkshake! And this blog is a start to that chapter. Of me being utterly honest. Not because you deserve it but because I do.
For me, blogging started with people sharing fashion ideations. Places they found quirky things, sharing new beauty trends or products, helping the regular girl become the white swan. Now, its gone way beyond that. I now notice people wanting to imitate lifestyles. The way one behaves, the places one goes to, the travels they embark on! And it probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if only you knew what all these people, including myself at one point play up to. I’ve seen “influencers” pretending to be jovial for images and videos and right when they’re off the camera, they’re just empty, sad faces. Not so long ago, I went to an event with a prestigious brand who flew in a few influencers from other countries too. I was excited because I genuinely had been following one of them for over 2 years now. I thought seeing her would make me want to go up to her and share this with her but her vibe was instantly such a put off. Whilst sitting at a dinner table, she would whip out her camera to get that happy shot and as soon as it was accomplished, she either went back to her phone or indulged only in conversations that fell within her safe zone, with people she already knew. She then spent an hour discussing with a travel guide to help her find a particular pink wall that she had seen on Instagram. So what if she was visiting the country for the first time, this particular city for the first time and yet the only thing she was seeking is a pink wall to match up to her Instagram feed! A few days later, I saw her Instagram updates completely edited to match the rest of feed. She went to the extent of photoshopping one of the Wonders of the World to work for her! And honestly I may have not noticed this before in her earlier larger than life images but that’s because I didn’t know what the place really looked like, but as I was present here and knew exactly what the places looked like, I was left astonished. That moment was such an eye opener. It made me realise what we’ve all come to be.
We may have come too far, we may have turned into voyeuristic vultures but then again it’s a choice just like everything else in life. I was reading an article which said that, “Social media websites activate the brain’s reward centre. When we get positive feedback in the forms of comments, likes of hearts, our brain processes reward feelings making us addicted to post more content while consuming other’s posts! Biologically, we are programmed to be curious creatures. We are psychologically wired and socially cultured to do so. In other words, it’s not your fault that you spend hours aimlessly trawling through random people’s profiles, we are evolutionarily preconditioned to be curious about the world around us but specially in regards to social relationships!” So, the question now is to be or not to be? While I strive to end this conundrum, tell me what you guys think of this!