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Shirt & Skirt- Veromoda, Shoes- Zara, Earrings- Forever21, Sunglasses- Veromoda
Florals for summer is a no-brainer and almost foreseeable! So how does one continue to flaunt this effervescent trend without falling into the predictable category? Trick number one is to choose prints that look novel right on the off set. For example, this shirt that I picked from Veromoda’s new collection, has an oriental vibe which makes it anything but typical. The freshness is intensified with punches of orange blooms, enhanced with black outlines. Pair this with your summer maxi skirt or jeggings for a relaxed look while still subtly incorporating the trend. The second trick is to pick pieces that may display this print in small doses with maybe just a hint on the pockets, collar, cuffs or even in the form of a cropped top. You could even do that with your accessories, by using pieces that may resemble a common blossom or could just be a modern interpretation of the same. Floral sneakers can also help you up your style game with ease.

The third way would be to choose different fabrics & interpretations. This mini skirt that I wore, is made of a super soft suedette fabric which is not only super comfortable to wear but also portrays the floral trend in the form of petal shaped cut work details. It may not be the most conventional form to rock the trend but who wants to be conventional anyway? This skirt which is in the ideal summer hue, can be paired with your basic denim shirt for the day or fun top for the night! The last and final way to incorporate this trend would be by picking pieces that don’t exactly look floral in the first look. The Blurry Floral print collection at the Veromoda store, replicates just that! So don’t be mundane this summer and rock the friendliest summer trend in ways that are novel & eye catchy.