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As it begins to get hotter, all I can dream of is escaping to the beach! Doning floral beach dresses, wearing no make up & giving the feet a break from those high heels. While heading to the beach, whether here in Mumbai or while holidaying, I always make sure to carry a beach bag that can easily hold the essentials I would need for those few hours. This bag can easily be carried to the pool as well! I tend to carry a bright printed bikini set, a pair of shorts to throw on later, sunglasses, a Sunscreen with high SPF to protect the skin from sun exposure, a hat, some magazines & a bottle of water! Staying out in the sun for long hours can dehydrate you so it’s essential that you carry water with you or you can even switch it up with some coconut water!
Every year at this time, I start my search for some new bikinis and swimwear. I generally tend to buy mine online from certain websites but this year I found some really great ones at Roxy! They had an amazing collection of over 25 styles and the fit is great too! Another thing that got me hooked were the bright & colourful slippers! I got one for me & a few for my mum/friends too. I even found a great beach dress & a beach bag that would match almost all my outfits! So if you’re fond of heading out to the beach or for a holiday and you’re looking for some beach appropriate clothing and accessories, do visit the Roxy store or you can buy them here. Chances are you will find almost everything under the same roof!