Out of the many hundreds celebrated, Diwali is probably my favourite festival. I love the lights, a few fireworks don’t hurt and I absolutely adore the festive spirit everyone is submerged in. Eating delicacies, planning outfits and buying gifts for my friends & family get me uber excited! In an attempt to finish all my pending assignments before hand, this year the buying gifts part got super delayed. But thank god for online shopping, I logged on to Indiacircus.com and pretty much got everything I needed! I don’t know about you guys but I have all my dear ones categorized when it comes to deciding on the themes for their gifts. So here’s a low down on what I would get for the following:-
1)The Home Freak
We all know a person who would rightly fall into this category. It could be your mom, a friend who just moved into a new place or just anyone who loves putting in that extra effort to make their spaces look exemplary. Be it cushion covers, candles, mugs, rugs or even crockery, they would appreciate every bit of it. For me cushion covers are the safest option because they very subtly yet effectively change the look of the place and by experience, are the most appreciated too!

 photo SD-0068_zps3c8c53fe.jpg

2) The Writer
You know that friend who loves to doodle or who needs to pen down every single detail of his/her life into a diary? Or is just intrigued by fancy stationery and has an obsession to collect it like we collect shoes? This is precisely for them! IndiaCircus has some super cool prints and various sizes in the notebooks and diaries which makes it interesting to choose a design that matches the receiver’s personality. I ended up picking two for a friend and sneaked in one for myself. This could even be a perfect gift for a sibling or younger cousin who is still studying!

 photo SD-0073_zpsd5d5feb4.jpg

3) The Fashion Addict
I personally love make up & cosmetic bags. Not only do they come in handy while travelling and look pretty on your dresser but I even carry a small one with my essentials in my everyday bag. The smaller utility pouches can even be used as a tiny clutch for a quick run to finish errands! If this doesn’t fancy you, you could even look at some cool wallets, spectacle cases, jewellery or some fun apparel! I know I would love any of these and would cherish them forever.

 photo SD-0072_zps8e60f926.jpg

4)The Tech Lover
We all have that one friend we go to for any technological help or the one who knows it all about the latest apps to download and if they accidentally get hold of your phone, they are sure to point out 10 things you’re doing wrong! These fun Ipad/tablet and phone cases would be the perfect indulgence for them. I personally love this rickshaw print phone cover and this owl print ipad cover! Trust me, you won’t regret this!

 photo SD-0070_zps99c2c212.jpg

5) The Gentleman
When it comes to the men in our lives, there are not many things that come to my mind as gifts. It’s the usual wallets, watches, ties or perfumes! But at Indiacircus you could get these mundane items with a touch of quirky prints! Let me divide this for you, for my dad I would probably go for something less experimental like these cufflinks, for my brother I’d probably pick a wrist watch and a fun tie or bowtie for my best guy friends who wouldn’t mind stepping a little out of the box!

 photo SD-0074_zps2a4c9ef3.jpg

I hope this gave you a few ideas for your last minute Diwali shopping! If you do end up ordering some gifts from Indiacircus don’t forget to share pictures on Instagram and a have a joyous festive week.