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Outfit- Veromoda, Sunglasses & Earrings- Veromoda, Shoes- Gucci, Bag- Chanel

Just like everything else, being self employed has it’s own pros and cons. Being able to work while laying in bed in my PJ’s or scheduling meetings as per my convenience or even taking up projects completely based on favouritism are definitely pros! However, doing that also means, meeting lesser people and minimal daily face to face interaction. Of course you’re seeing those same, most loved 6-8 faces but as soon as you’re put in the middle of a social setting different from your routine, the cautions start to pop up! You know that feeling when you walk into your pilates class and you know someone because you’ve seen them before in class, but maybe not as often so you don’t know whether to wave, smile or do the “Hey! where have you been?” thing, that’s what I’m talking about! Now I don’t remember if I was always like this or has being an adult made this more complicated but I’ve noticed people, including myself, trying to walk away from face to face interactions as if they are taboo. 
Now I am not talking about the display of showing fake interest & and let’s not act like we’ve never done that before! I am talking about just genuinely smiling at people while looking into their eyes instead of turning that gaze away. This may sound stupid but in those rare moments where I let my mind just sit still and think, I tend to analyse any significant changes that I may notice in my personality and this is definitely one! So a conscious effort to not fall into this loop hole is the prime focus for the next few social interactions. Care to join me? And if you need a little reminder every now and then, consider investing in little things like this tee from Veromoda. What? It’s Insta-worthy and a conversation starter in real life too! Win-win I say! I’ve been loving the new collection at Veromoda recently. A maxi floral patch dress, this bottle green pencil skirt, trendy co-ords, preppy tee’s and light trenches for that perfect transition into the Fall wardrobe, they’ve got it all covered! It’s also so good to see some of the pieces that we saw at the head office in Denmark months ago, finally hitting the store!