When it comes to styling my hair, I naturally have a wavy texture which doesn’t always look great! So I do have to style my hair using either a blow dryer or a curler. This new Philips Kerashine Air Straightener, has been working wonderfully for me.

While I love experimenting with make up, I really don’t have the time to do it to the T daily. So when I’m running late, I will just dab on some concealer on the spots that need it, swipe on my favourite mascara, slap some lipstick & I’m off.

Michael Kors’ new fragrance collection features three stunning scents: Sporty, Sexy & Glam which perfectly encompasses the multi-faceted qualities of a modern woman!

You know those days when you’re in a hurry but you’d also like to look a little different but you really can spare just 10 minutes on your hair before you have to rush out that door? I have a little secret for you! I was sent over the Philips Kerashine range last month and I have been experimenting with it since.

If one day, I was asked to give up all my makeup and take just one thing from it, I would pick Mascara!

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