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Jewellery- Azva, Lehenga- Anita Dongre

One of my oldest & closest friend recently got married and I went through an array of overwhelming emotions through it all. To know of its probability is one thing but to watch it happen is an entirely different experience; that realization, the beginning of a new phase & the ending of those late night fairy tale wedding debates. When I was about 10 years old, I still remember coming back home from a family wedding and pretending to be the bride with my mum’s saree over my head & while I could barely manage to keep that in place, I even tried to put on her bangles & jewellery trying to recreate the scene I had formerly admired for hours. I personally think that weddings are for the brides, for them to garner those beautiful memories and move forward to create a new world of their own but why not make it the most stunning view for everyone else who is watching?

I’ve been to multiple weddings and gawked at countless images of striking brides on Pinterest for hours but if you were to ask me, what I would like to wear to my own wedding, I wouldn’t have a clue! So when I was working on creating a look with this exquisite 22 karat gold jewellery from Azva, I decided to go the bridal way just to see how it unfolds. I can imagine how, just like everything else the jewellery one wears on their wedding day is probably the most cherished and memorable pieces for a lifetime. Not only does it bring back fond memories but also that feeling which cannot be replicated, I am told. So why not pick pieces that can be used & re-used in the endeavours to come? It’s unfortunate how most of these pieces would merely see the light of day on relevant occasions. With these pieces from Azva, you can create multiple looks by simply mixing and matching these treasures.
The craftsmanship of Azva jewellery is something they pride themselves on and why not? Each piece is carved so intricately with so much detail which is what makes every bit so unique. Instead of going for one big necklace, I decided to layer two that not only complimented each other but it also works ideally for those of us who want to get the most of these pieces by pairing them separately for various foresighted events. Another way of using your necklaces would be by tucking one in place around your waist to work as a kamarband. The versatility & quality of these pieces is what makes them so everlasting. So this post is really to satiate all those hidden & shy Indian brides in our 10 year old selves & also for the new independent, modern counterparts as we discover our own fairy tales.

(Images shot by Jaina Kumar)