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My very first rendezvous with make up probably unwrapped at the age of 10. One of my aunts was visiting us for a week and her make up entourage accompanied her. While she got dressed every morning, I would sit there patiently going through all the products in her kit & observe her closely to see where each product was supposed to be placed on the face. She used closed to 10 products but out of everything, her bright pink lipstick is what interested me the most. As soon as she bid us goodbye, I dragged my mom to a store so that I could acquire some of the products to begin and most importantly grab a pink lipstick ! She was obviously reluctant but agreed to buy me a lip balm with a slight pink tint and some toy make up and that was it. After that day, every woman who entered our house, had to go through the process of me pretending to apply make up on them and when it was just me, I’d experiment on myself or so I thought.
As I grew, so did my interest in make up and it was actually around the age of 16 that I got rid of the tit bits I may have accumulated and got myself a real make up kit. Like many teenagers, I too went through a phase of not knowing what looks good on me or how to get the right shade of foundation and so I did go through, what I like to call, some rough make up patches. Like literally. So today I thought I’d list down the 5 common mistakes that most of the beginners tend to make and help you skip the rough patches.
1) Foundation Shade
I would be lying if I said that I never bought a foundation by trying it on my wrist. Wrong. Your face skin may not be the same tone as your wrist, as it is exposed to more direct sunlight. When buying a foundation shade, always swatch it on your jawline. If you like me have uneven skin tone, try to pick a neutral shade by trying a swatch around your cheeks. You should also check with the lady/gentleman selling you the product, whether or not the product oxidizes. What that means is, some foundations tend to become darker as they come in contact with the atmosphere so it’s essential you cross that off before you spend your moolah on it.
2) Sunscreen
Not using a sunscreen or any type of SPF regularly was probably one the biggest mistakes I made as a beginner. Being the most active years of my life, I would be out in the sun for hours, not realizing the damage I was causing my skin. Another myth that stopped me from using a sunscreen was that my combination to oily skin would get oilier if I slathered on some of that white cream on my face. I really wished I read a blog at that point that told me how wrong I was! I can’t stress enough on how essential it is to use a sunscreen and although you may not notice the signs now, you will be doomed as soon as you hit 25. Uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dull skin, can all be the result of not slathering on that white cream at least twice a day!
3) Eyebrows
For the first 5 years(16-20) of dabbling into make up, I ignored my eyebrows completely. Yes I got them threaded and shaped every now and then but I never thought that filling them in would be a good option. Most Indians are blessed with naturally fuller brows and under that pretext I assumed I was born with it. Little did I know the world of a difference a few strokes of an eyebrow pencil could make. The first time I realized this was when an make up artist retouched my brows for a shoot and since then I’ve never gone back! Although, when using an eye brow pencil/powder you should keep a few things in mind. Always buy a shade lighter than your natural brow colour so that when you fill them in, they don’t look harsh and unnatural. Attempting to get them to look even is another faux pas. By now we’ve all heard the sisters not twins line so I won’t scribble more about it.
4) Expiry dates
You know that small icon on the label that looks like a small open tin and has 6M or 12M written on it? Well that’s how long you can use a product once it’s open. We all tend to ignore that and often even forget when we bought the product hence losing track of time. After not caring for years, I have now become as particular about trashing products as I am about buying ones. I tend to stick a small sticker on the products and write the date of when I started using it! I trash Mascara’s every 3-4 months, Foundations 9-12 months, Eye shadows 12-16 months, Skincare 24 months and so on. It’s important to keep cleaning out your stash to make sure you’re always using products that will not lead to any side effects due to it’s expiry.
5) Less is More
Commercials in magazine and on TV did intrigue my mind and had me itching to buy every new product that was launched. I was joyously enjoying that phase before my skin started to make me realize that my face isn’t a canvas that one should  experiment on that rigorously and so started my phase of nasty acne. I won’t lie, I was blessed with such good skin that I thought no matter what I did to it, it would bounce back and that came to bite me later. Since then, I’ve adopted the less is more policy. I invest in better brands and use lesser products. Given the profession I am in, I do experiment with products still but on a much controlled basis and thankfully, after years, my skin has begun it’s journey to betterment. Touchwood.
After all these years, I have been able to create my signature look that I go back to every single time. A flawless base, subtle contour, brown liner and not to forget that bold or subtle pink pout, that has forever lived in my fondest make up memories. Estee Lauder is running this amazing campaign where you can share your oldest #BornfromColor make up memories and get a chance to get featured their pinboard and also win some exciting goodies. All you need to do is,go to and upload a look you created!