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Bomber Jacket- Zara, Tank- Forever21, Skirt- Uniqlo, Bag- YSL

For some reason, I always feel more confident about the food I eat or any skincare or hair care that I use once I know the ingredients that go in it. So if you talk ingredients to me, you’re definitely succeeding in luring me in and you have my undivided attention. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Launch of Garnier’s new range of Ultra Blends shampoos & conditioners. The oldest memory that I have of this brand is pestering my Mom to get me a bottle when we were shopping at a department store because I obviously knew what was best for me at age 11 too. Jokes apart, having that memory of holding that iconic bottle in my hands etched in my brain, made this interaction with the brand a lot more exciting. Garnier’s packaging has always been visually pleasing and so I couldn’t expect anything less from the event. Held at one of the city’s highest rooftop lounge, the decor was mainly white but punctuated with pops of fresh hues. 
The 5 new ranges were laid down in a rather unique way, with all their core ingredients arranged around them. Not only did that make for a fascinating visual but it gave you a brief about the different ranges at a glance! The first range that caught my attention was the Blackberry & luscious Henna, bottled in a gorgeous aubergine coloured bottle. Indians have been known to use henna in their hair to deep condition for years and this range is the perfect blend of Henna’s power to revitalize your hair and the concentration of antioxidants along with Vitamin C in blackberries which would make your hair shine from within. The next one was of course the rich Soy Milk & Almonds range which sounded like the ideal breakfast for my hair! Almonds & soy milk come together as a deadly source that restores the protein in your hair, making it naturally stronger and healthier. 
I then moved on to look into the Mythic Olive range which claimed to intensely nourish dried out hair making it easy to detangle and softer to touch. Sounded like the go-to range for this manic monsoon which leaves my hair dry & brittle eventually resulting in hair fall! Which brings me to the next range, The Royal Jelly & Lavender which is a decadent recipe that reconstructs the hair strand by strand resulting in a stronger, fuller mane that is resistant to hair fall. And of course the last range that is called the 5 Precious Herbs. This is a blend that combines the best of nature to detoxify the scalp, leaving you with hair that is full of life. The 5 herbs include Green tea which stimulates microcirculation. Eucalyptus which has incredible healing properties, Lemon which enhances natural shine, Aloe which provides the much needed moisture & Henna which deep conditions. 
The brand insists that this is not just any shampoo and conditioner range but it’s hair care for naturally beautiful hair, like you’ve never felt before. It’s about rich ingredients that are blended with love, just for your hair! My favourite currently is definitely the Mythic Olive range. Which one would you pick for you hair? You can also follow Garnier on Twitter & Instagram for more updates.