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Tunic Dress- Only, Bomber- Only, Sunglasses- Miu Miu, Choker- Forever21, Belt- River Island

The past few days have been rather interesting! Nationally, being a regular tax payer, the new Modi move couldn’t make me happier. As for the international front, a certain candidate being elected as the President is sadly, a reflection of what our society is actually made up of! We often tend to soak in the glory of being highly educated individuals, ones standing tall for equality & being people who strive hard to get rid of racism at the smallest level. Clearly, we are standing against an equal amount of people who believe in the exact opposite! This incident, I’ll refrain from addressing it as a tragedy, has not only proved that winning doesn’t mean anything but also, that you could be the most righteous person, someone extremely inspirational, the most talented, one with the most respected values and yet the opposition could pull you down in a snap. It’s the era of mediocrity as I like to call it. While it would be easier to just keep going through the endless tweets & hoping that this is just a bad dream, let’s all be united and make sure we that educate the people around us to not only become Doctors & Engineers or rich people but also to be better human beings with righteous personalities. One’s who can differentiate the right from wrong and don’t merely make decisions based on their egos or insecurities.
I apologize if the first paragraph made you feel like you logged on to a politics blog but I just had to give my two cents on this global situation. Let’s talk about this outfit now. Amidst all the wedding preparations & setting up a new home, I’ve missed being able to spend time on dressing up on a day to day basis! Most of my days involve running out of the door 15 minutes after I’ve woken up and only returning back close to midnight. So when I’m feeling the pressure and stress, I take some time off and play dress up to calm my nerves. This outfit was the outcome of one such morning. I wanted to flaunt this gorgeous Bomber jacket from Only and decided to juxtapose it with a black silky, floral tunic dress. Knotting a belt at the waist not only adds definition, it also added a little extra detail to the ensemble. To contrast the party on the top, I decided to go simple yet striking on the lower half. I’ve loved the look of over the knee boots for years but never invested in one as Mumbai would rarely give me a chance to flaunt them! So I thought of creating a DIY pair buy pairing these knee high socks with a pair of basic suede pumps. What do you guys think of this look and would you try this DIY knee high boots look? Here’s hoping you have a inspirational week and may your 500’s & 1000’s turn from nightmares to dreams full of unicorns & rainbows.