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Jewellery- BeeJewelled Collection by CaratLane, Dress- TFNC, Cape- Missguided, Shoes- Missguided| Location- Khar Social

We have seen several fashion fads & collections that have taken inspiration from our very own mother nature and turned it into something that not only looks exquisite but also has a story behind it. Be it the galaxy prints that were all the rage a couple of years ago, the now classic floral prints or even the ombre trend! They are all replications of sights we’ve grown up watching & for some reason I always get excited to see the different perceptions & takes of people in material form, through their finished product! So, when CaratLane introduced me to their new BeeJewelled collection, I was rather keen on seeing the pieces up close and inevitably comparing it’s resemblance to it’s inspiration! The collection includes dainty pieces in the form or rings, earrings, pendants & necklaces handcrafted in 18K Gold and punctuated perfectly with some sparkly diamonds. The inspiration behind the collection was of course the Honeycomb, a marvel of symmetry & function at the highest level; created by the honeybee, nature’s finest craftsmen. The designs are so unique and versatile, these definitely are conversation starters. They are delicate yet statement making which makes them ideal for everyday wear or to add that special something, to those gleeful soirées.I had a hard time picking out my favourites for this shoot. I wanted to go for a feminine & festive look, something that I maybe would be donning in the next few days of December. I chose a colour scheme that best complimented my vibe; a good mix of light & dark. For jewellery, I started with these Remi droplet earrings which were intently staring at me. I absolutely loved the design as well as the simplicity of it & I couldn’t ignore the fact that they went ideally with my outfit! I then threw on the Aina Deep twist ring & Eira Sparkle ring  to add small doses of glitz. And finally to add that last thread, I  went with the dainty Liri Wave pendant. When I was content with my choice of jewellery, I moved on to these rose gold lace ups that I recently acquired & pulled the whole look together with a burgundy pout. I had an amazing time shooting for these images & was so happy with the way it turned out as it resonated with my train of thoughts perfectly. I love the mix of the modern &  retro vibe, which  kind of mimics the collection itself. What do you guys think of the collection and this look?

Images by Jaina Kumar