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Hair by Bedhead by TIGI

Lakme fashion week is always considered the front runner when it comes to playing the fashion games in India. With an array of talented Gen Next designers displaying their latest spin on fashion along with some well established names putting their best foot forward as their A-list front row cheers on, this is definitely a time awaited by many. For me however, its not just about the fashion but also the hair, the make up & the accessories, as these three elements play a major catalyst in transforming the models from one look to another. 
I was invited by Bedhead by TIGI to go backstage on Day 2 of the fashion week to get a closer look at the hairstyles being created for the various shows. Walking into that room full of nervous frenzy and excitement is always such a thrilling experience. As I silently observed the hairstylists, curl and spray to create some exemplary looks to suit the designer’s tastes and ideation, I definitely spotted some prominent trends that seemed to be a constant.
The very first show required them to create a messy yet chic, low ponytail. After a couple of spritz of the Queen for a Day, the hair was casually pulled back at the nape of the neck to create the basis of the look. Using a one inch portion of the hair, the ponytail was tied in to place and a few strands were pulled out from the front to achieve that messy vibe. All of it was then sprayed into place using the Masterpiece hairspray.
The next set of looks which were created for designer Kallol Datta’s show, called for neater looks but with a heavy doze of texture! There were three main looks that the hairstylists were creating & the base for all of them was of course, a few spritz of the Superstar spray for that much needed volume. Then the hair was curled to create more texture and while some models had a gorgeous textured low bun look, some others had a short textured bob look while the other’s donned a high textured ponytail with a slightly lifted crown. To keep the looks intact, the hair was sprayed with Hard Head hairspray.
The last and final look was created for the Sanjay Garg show. Known for creating the perfect cocktail by his use of classic weaves mixed with modern silhouettes, the hair and makeup could speak no different. The hair was straightened into place for that sleek look and pulled back into a ponytail. 1/4th of the hair was then pulled out to create a unique, high fashion look. However the star of this look was the generously applied Hard Head gel for that surreal shine!
All in all it was an inspirational day and I cannot wait to recreate that high ponytail look from the Kallol Datta show! As for the hair trends, lots of texture, minimal fuss and carefree looks is definitely the way to go this season. Thank you Bedhead by TIGI for giving me this lovely opportunity & I can’t wait to see what the next season will unfold.